Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker of the Month

January 2021 - Seahorse Chocolate


3 chocolate bars


Each month we feature a new American small-batch craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker. When considering chocolate makers, we take into account all elements of chocolat’ology - including the origin, ingredients, process and more. We also sample their finest makes (naturally!). 

Why Do Our Featured Chocolates Taste So Good?

The chocolate bars we feature are mostly made in small batches by chocolate makers who transform the cocoa beans they source directly from farmers to the finished product. 

We feature those who passionately make chocolate bars using less than 5 ingredients; namely cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter. They source cacao beans from all over the world and painstakingly manage the entire chocolate process themselves – fermentation, drying, testing, cleaning, roasting, cracking (or fanning), grinding, conching, tempering and forming. This is known as the bean-to-bar process.  

Just as vintners consider environmental conditions in cultivating grapes for wine, so too do cocoa farmers treat their beans with care. The way cocoa beans are grown and nurtured is essential to producing quality chocolate. Climate, soil conditions and treatment all impact taste, batch quality and uniqueness.

We are committed to bringing you single-origin chocolate bars that do not contain any GMO ingredients (non-GMO), vegan, use only fair trade products, and are soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free. Our artisan single origin chocolate makers hand make their bars using only 5 ingredients or less to make small batch bars; namely cacao beans, cocoa butter and sugar.

Why Bean-to-Bar Chocolates?

The featured American chocolate makers ensure quality by building relationships with farmers. By sourcing beans directly from farmers, chocolate makers can develop consistently high-quality chocolate. Taking control of the manufacturing process from the earliest stage further allows them to apply incredible attention to detail at every stage - from bean to bar. 

This direct connection also creates a sustainable reciprocal relationship. Notably, it allows farmers in poorer countries to receive higher payments, invest long-term and receive fair treatment for their hard work and quality offerings. 

This is how the best artisan chocolate is made - with people who care about their craft. It is also why Cococlectic connects you to them. We believe in going straight to the source! 

Do you know and love a bean-to-bar chocolate maker newbie? Send us an email with their contact and we’ll get in touch with them! 

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