Chocolate Tasting Classes

Chocolate Tasting Classes

Cococlectic Brings You a Fun & Easy Way To Discover & Experience Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Ever wonder how chocolate is made? What are the benefits of eating chocolate? What is Bean-to-Bar? Why do some chocolates taste so different? Which chocolate fits my tastes best?

Cococlectic is here to guide you, in a fun and educational way. We offer chocolate tastings to help answer all your chocolate questions and provide a fun event for you and your friends.

Each event includes a tasting of different bean-to-bar chocolates.

How Does It Work?

Learn about chocolate - flavors, varieties & the creation process - while relaxing in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy an afternoon of indulgence, in a private chocolate tasting session.

Best of all - we come to you! We host events in just about any location. Your host will be a chocolate fanatic - fully fit to show you the best ways to savor chocolate, and ready to provide helpful insight & insider knowledge. Ask us anything!

Not only will you be tasting chocolate, you will also learn about the intricate creation process and other vital elements of chocolat'ology.

All tastings include 4 types of chocolate - featured favorites from our collection.


More Questions?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you in 24 - 48 hours.