Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building

Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building

Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building

Looking for Remote Team Building Event?

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your colleagues and clients, you will find what you need in a virtual chocolate tasting event hosted by Cococlectic.

Cococlectic’s virtual chocolate tasting is interactive and hosted by a culinary trained professional. At every virtual tasting session, we taste four different craft chocolate bars, learn how chocolate is made, discover how flavor is developed and taste and discuss each bar's flavors and aromas.


What Is Virtual Team Building Event?

Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic moved workers online, many people worked remotely. Now, with more people working from home than ever, virtual team building has become necessary to keep workers connected. A virtual team building event is a group activity that allows your team to connect from wherever they are and build stronger bonds.


Why Is Virtual Team Building Important?

Team building event benefits include those for the employees and the company as a whole. Virtual team building boots employees’ morale by providing positive reinforcement and letting employees know they are valued. It also promotes collaboration by helping coworkers stay connected even though they are not in the same office. It supports innovation management by allowing people to interact, share and receive constructive feedback in a safe environment. Productivity increases when team members work together to achieve a common goal.


Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building

Virtual chocolate tasting team building events allow our craft chocolate bars to receive the attention they deserve. This unique experience is something you and your colleagues and clients will remember for years to come. Our virtual tastings will liven up any corporate activity. Chocolate tasting events work well for team building because everyone loves chocolate.


Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building, because:

When coworkers share the same space and go to the same office each day, they build trust naturally through daily interactions and informal communication. With so many people working remotely, that sort of trust can be more difficult to develop. Without trust and shared goals, productivity wanes.

Arranging a virtual chocolate tasting experience with Cococlectic gives businesses an opportunity to get creative about how their teams bond. Coworkers interact in an informal, online setting and get to know and understand their coworkers, opening up lines of communication that produce successful and productive teams.


What Is Included in Сhocolate Tasting Event for Team Building Kit?

Each virtual chocolate tasting kit/box includes the following:

- 4 full-size chocolate bars;
- A personalized note (optional);
- A set of tasting notes;
- A how-to taste guide;
- A tasting sheet; and
- Regular domestic shipping.

    We suggest pairings that go well with chocolate. Upon request, we can customize your chocolate tasting kit with add ons like wine, coffee, chocolate truffles and more.