About Cococlectic

Cococlectic is a chocolate-of-the-month subscription club that features ONLY American craft chocolate makers who make their chocolate using the bean-to-bar process from scratch with nothing more than cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter. Founded in 2014, Cococlectic’s mission is to melt the gap between chocolate makers and chocolate enthusiasts. Cococlectic constantly strives to build an educated community that supports the craft and speaks the same language of love – especially the bean-to-bar kind. 

Cococlectic is a woman-owned and minority diverse-owned business who also support other minority-owned businesses like Cru Chocolate, Raphio Chocolate, El Buen Cacao and more. “As a small-business owner, Cococlectic connects you with like-minded people interested in craft chocolate,” says owner of El Buen Cacao, Jessica Ramirez. “ Listening to the amazing feedback that we got from Cococlectic customers was a learning experience that set our standards even higher. As a Latina woman, I really love the openness and care that Cococlectic exudes as a business.” 


Doreen Leong - Founder

Doreen started Cococlectic to fulfill a void and a need. She used to send her sister, who lives in Singapore, an assortment of craft dark chocolates to enjoy. Soon, many friends and family members got wind of this and requested for their own chocolate package. And that was how Cococlectic was born.

Originally from Malaysia, Doreen moved to San Francisco in 2006 for graduate school. She also attended culinary school in 2016 for her professional training in baking and patisserie. Employing her business mindset and culinary training, she built a business to spotlight amazingly passionate craft chocolate makers from across the US, bringing their rare creations to chocolate lovers everywhere.

She constantly strives to build an educated community that supports the craft and speaks the same language of love – especially the bean-to-bar kind.


Brent Wallace - Co-founder

-- More to come --


Herleen Sabillano - Production Assistant

Herleen loves to learn new things. She loves to explore the world with culture and food, and sharing it with loved ones. She enjoys traveling alone or with friends but you'll find her enjoying life on her own cooking, baking and gardening. 

Working with Cococlectic has allowed her to expand her knowledge on chocolate—something she enjoys, too!

Takayuki Shimada - Intern

Takayuki researches and assists along side with Doreen. Working with her, he has a new appreciation of the cocoa business and thankful for the experience working with the company. 

Takayuki lived in Southern California and now resides in the Bay Area. He graduated from Art Center College of Design, with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2009.

He naturally gravitates toward the mysteries of the cacao plant and their functions; on his days off he loves working with floral arrangements, gardening and interior decorating.