Corporate Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event

Corporate Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event

Corporate Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event

Virtual Corporate Chocolate Tasting Event

At a virtual chocolate tasting corporate event, the craft chocolate bars we feature at Cococlectic are front and center. These delicious chocolate bars are made in the US by small-batch craft chocolate makers with just three main ingredients: cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter.

This unique virtual chocolate tasting experience is something your colleagues and clients will remember for years to come. Come along with us for a chocolate tasting event that will tap into each taste bud and transport you on a culinary journey.

Cococlectic’s corporate virtual chocolate tasting event is interactive and hosted by a culinary trained professional. At every virtual tasting session, we taste four different craft chocolate bars from our featured chocolate maker of the month, learn how chocolate is made, discover how flavor is developed, and taste and discuss each bar's flavors and aromas. Participants can ask questions and share their thoughts about tasting chocolate.


Benefits of Corporate Virtual Сhocolate Tasting Event

Our goal is to bring businesses, colleagues, and clients together over a shared love of chocolate. Chocolate tasting events are the perfect way to bring everyone together, especially as more people than ever continue to work remotely. Our chocolate tastings are simple and easy to plan and allow you to meet virtually with coworkers and clients from anywhere. Whether you are looking for a team building activity, planning a company party, or thanking donors, we are happy to customize an event to fit your needs.

Benefits of Cococlectic’s chocolate corporate tastings include the following:

- A fun and interactive experience for team members in an informal environment;
- Improved communication among team members;
- A world-class learning experience with a culinary and chocolate expert; and
- A unique opportunity to build brand loyalty and team camaraderie.


      What Is Included in Corporate Chocolate Tasting Kit?

      Each virtual tasting kit/box includes the following:

      - 4 full-size chocolate bars;
      - A personal note (optional);
      - A set of tasting notes;
      - A how-to taste guide;
      - A tasting sheet; and
      - Regular domestic shipping.


          How Long Is Corporate Virtual Tasting Experience?

          The corporate chocolate tasting event lasts for 45 minutes and is hosted on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other platform of your choice. Our chocolate expert will lead everyone in your group through a guided tasting of the full-size chocolate bars in the box.


          How Much Does the Corporate Virtual Chocolate Tasting Cost?

          For your online chocolate tasting corporate event, we can host a minimum of 20 people per session at $55 per person. Regular shipping to locations in the US is included in this cost. Discounts are available for groups of 100+. We can accommodate as many people as your platform can host. The largest group we've hosted is 450+.

          If you have fewer than 20 people, we can still host your group, but we have a minimum spend of $1,100 per group. If this doesn't work, we can also send your group a chocolate tasting kit for you to do a self-guided chocolate tasting.

          If chocolate bars are sent to cities where the weather is above 77°F, the chocolate will melt. To ship to those cities, we will have to add ice packs to the packaging, which will add an additional cost to each chocolate box.

          We can suggest pairings such as wine, coffee, chocolate truffles and more, and we can add those items to your chocolate box upon request.