About Cococlectic


What is Cococlectic?

We do not produce chocolates. We are a small-batch Bean-to-Bar chocolate-of-the-month subscription club that connects chocolate makers with chocolate aficionados. We deliver delicious, dark chocolate bars to your doorstep each and every month, and also give you access to our exclusive Chocolate Collection.

Is Cococlectic right for me? 

That depends. Do you like dark chocolates? Are you open to trying new experiences? Are you open to the idea of having chocolates delivered? If you answer yes to any or all of the above, then you’ll probably love being a part of our community. And even if you don’t join Cococlectic, you can still purchase the small-batch chocolates here, for family and friends (who would say yes!)


I’m still not sure if buying chocolates online is for me. I’m an impulse shopper.

Everyone shops differently. However, few stores can offer the variety and quality we do. And you don’t even have to leave home to sample them! With Cococlectic you will always have a delicious treat waiting, whenever your sweet tooth beckons. 


Cococlectic Subscription


How do the subscription levels work?

Different subscription levels provide different benefits! 

Sweet Devotee Level - You receive four bars of dark chocolate monthly. You also receive access to the Chocolate Collection, and receive a 5% discount on all purchases. Payments are charged monthly. 
Bon (Bon) Vivant Level - You receive four dark chocolate bars monthly. You get access to the Chocolate Collection, and receive a 5% discount on all purchases. Payments are charged every 3 months on the 4th. 
Coco'nnoisseur Level - You receive four dark chocolate bars monthly. You get access to the Chocolate Collection, and you receive a 10% discount on all purchases. Payments are charged every 6 months on the 4th. 


How long is a Cococlectic subscription? 

Sweet Devotee Level - subscription is month-to month.
Bon (Bon) Vivant Level - subscription is for 3 months. 
Coco'nnoisseur Level - subscription is for 6 months.
Chocolate boxes are delivered monthly.


What is the Chocolate Collection?

The Chocolate Collection features a curated archive of the very best chocolate makers we have featured, accompanied by the select bean-to-bar varieties they offer. 


Do you ship during the Summer? 

Cococlectic does not ship during the summer months (July, August). The June shipment (right before Father's Day) is the last shipment before we close for the summer. We return to full production in September. The first box will be shipped out on the 3rd week of September.

You can still purchase chocolate bars during the summer months but you may not receive your chocolates until September. You will not be charged during the summer months. Payments will be paused and prorated during the summer period. Gift boxes are still available and will be shipped out within the week depending on your location. 


About the Chocolate


What will I receive in my shipment?

Four delicious, small-batch bean-to-bar dark chocolate bars (full bars, not sample size)! Although the weight and size varies by chocolate maker, they normally are between 1oz - 3oz size. 


Do the bars contain milk, gluten, egg, nuts and soy? 

No. The chocolates we feature do not contain any GMO ingredients (non-GMO), use only all-natural, vegan, fair trade products, and are soy free, gluten free, dairy free and tree-nut free. Some chocolate makers may use coconut sugar but many do not consider coconut a tree-nut. The chocolate makers use 5 ingredients or less to make their bars; namely cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar. Be sure to check the Chocolate Collection page or a complete list of ingredients. 



Are the chocolates Fair Trade or Direct Trade? 

Some definitely are Certified Fair Trade or Direct Trade. But most featured Cococlectic chocolates go well beyond Fair Trade and Direct Trade! Many chocolate makers purchase their cocoa beans direct from farmers and farmer co-operatives, cutting out the middlemen and ensuring a significantly higher price for the farmer. These personal connections help sweeten the deal. 


Are the chocolates organic? 

It varies. Be sure to check the Chocolate Collection page for more information. 


Don’t chocolates melt in the mail? 

We take precautionary measures to ensure the shipment gets to you in solid shape. If - for whatever reason - chocolates do melt, we will replace them. Just email a photo of the damaged chocolate within 24 hours of arrival, and we'll quickly send your replacement box with extra, extra care. Email us at info@cococlectic.com


What is the best way to store chocolates? 

Ideally, in a cool, dry place away from strong odors as chocolates can absorb them. The ideal temperature is between 60F to 70F, although room temperature would be fine. Extreme changes in temperature can draw sugar crystals or cocoa butter to the surface. Properly wrapped and stored, the chocolates will maintain their quality for at least a year – if you can resist them for that long!


Why should I rate and review the chocolate? 

We love to know what you think. Not only does it help us select future varieties, we also send your feedback along to chocolate makers. Ultimately, that information makes for better and more delicious chocolates for you and your chocolate-loving friend. 


What am I going to do with so many bars of chocolates? 

Great question! Some people (including at least one member of Cococlectic…a certain Founder) eat a few pieces a day. Some share with friends, while others stockpile – to be enjoyed on later dates. Much like good wine, good chocolates are great to have on hand for any occasion. 


What is your return policy? 

We do replace melted chocolates. Email us a photo of the damaged chocolate within 24 hours of arrival and we'll quickly send your replacement box with extra extra care. 


But unfortunately, we do not accept returns. Chocolates are not refundable. That said, if you are unhappy with your shipment for any reason, just contact us - we will do our best to rectify the situation immediately. 

Email us at info@cococlectic.com 


How do I get friends to stop eating all my chocolate? 

Sharing is caring but tell them to get their own!  Refer your chocolate-loving friends to Cococlectic. If they sign up, you will receive a $10 gift card for your next Chocolate Collection purchase. Just Click Here to get started.



Pricing and Payment


How much does the subscription cost?

Subscription levels start from $42. When purchasing from the Chocolate Collection, the cost of the chocolates are listed on the page. There is no additional cost for regular shipping within the US. Subscribers have the option to add $10 per box for warm-weather shipping. 


How do I make a payment? 

Debit or credit cards, and our secure payment site. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Diners. We take the utmost care to ensure the security of your details. 


When will I be charged for my payments? 

You will be charged immediately, when you join. Thereafter, payments vary by subscription level. 
Sweet Devotee Level – monthly, on the 4th. 
Bon (Bon) Vivant Level – after your 1st payment, you will be charged every 3 months (again, on the 4th). So payments occur in the 4th month, 7th, 10th and so on.   
Coco'nnoisseur Level - your first payment covers the first 6 months. The 2nd payment is charged on the 4th of the 7th month, your third payment the 4th of the 13th month and so on. 

You will receive a notification email with every transaction. 


What is your cancellation policy? 

Please contact us at info@cococlectic.com. We will do our best resolve all problems. 
However, once your order has been processed and/or shipped, it cannot be cancelled. And once it is processed, you will be charged. Fortunately, subscription is transferable. So in the unlikely event you decide to leave Cococlectic, you can always transfer subscription to another chocolate lover. 





How much is shipping? 

Regular shipping cost within the US is included. Subscribers have the option to add $10 per box for warm-weather shipping. For Canada, depending on the order, add US$20-US$80. 


How are my chocolates shipped? 

We use USPS and ship with special insulation, careful packing and extra tender love and care. They typically arrive within 1 to 5 business days, depending on location. You will not need to sign for the boxes but please ensure that the chocolates are picked up pronto. If not, the neighbors might decide to enjoy them without you...


When will my chocolates be shipped? 

Monthly chocolate boxes typically ship the third full week of every month (Monday/Tuesday). Your first chocolate box and gift boxes typically ship within the week unless other wise noted. We always send notification emails once the shipment is on its way! You will receive your chocolates between 1 and 5 business days. So your delivery will definitely arrive before the weekend! Delivery dates provided to you are estimates only. We try our ultimate best to deliver accordingly.


What if my chocolate arrives melted?

We take precautionary measures to ensure the shipment gets to you in solid shape. During the summer months, we strongly advise purchasing the warm-weather shipping option for $10 per box.

If your chocolates do arrive melted – in spite of our best efforts - we will replace them. Just email us a photo of the damaged chocolate within 24 hours of their arrival, and we'll send your replacement box with extra, extra care ASAP. 

Cococlectic is not responsible for damaged chocolates if you (or the recipient of a gift) are not present at time of delivery to claim the shipment.

Email us at info@cococlectic.com


What if I’m on vacation?

No problem! Just let us know in advance (at least 2 weeks' notice). We will hold your shipment until you return. 


What if I move?

Be sure to update your address details on your account ASAP. Unfortunately, if it is not done before the 4th of the month, we are not responsible for shipments sent to the previous address. If you have doubts or questions, feel free to contact us.


Do you ship internationally? 

We currently only ship to Canada. Shipping fee is not included.


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Have a question but don’t see it here? Email us at info@cococlectic.com and we’ll get back to soon as soon as we can.