• Coleen L

    The first bean to bar chocolate factory in Sonoma County

    Jonas Ketterle of Firefly Chocolate learned how to make chocolate the traditional way in Oaxaca, Mexico, in April 2012. Carefully roasting cacao beans on the gentle ashes of a fire, patiently hand-peeling the cacao beans while telling stories beneath a sacred mountain and grinding the beans with... View Post
  • Coleen L

    Joanne and Dan Sundell, in search for the best craft chocolate, started Dark Forest Chocolate

    Dark Forest Chocolate Makers, Inc. was born out of the quest for the best chocolate. After searching their local area for pure, high-quality chocolate with limited success, Joanne and Dan Sundell began ordering bars from pioneers in the small-batch craft chocolate industry. Inspired and intrigued... View Post
  • Coleen L

    Mary and Sara from Ethereal Confections making delicious chocolate in Woodstock, Illinois

    Ethereal Confections is a small business in Woodstock, Illinois, that is centered on reconnecting people with food. Owners Mary and Sara Miller labor over each individual detail and constantly strive to improve their craft. They envision and then taste, tweak and package everything by hand – no b... View Post
  • Andrew Starr, owner of Nova Chocolate, has worked in the chocolate world for over two decades, starting as a passionate hobbyist while working in the music industry. Starr founded his first company in 2011 which focused on European-style confections and truffles. In 2012, Starr expanded his reper... View Post
  • Coleen L

    Martin Rhyne and Jon Spurgeon of Tuanis Chocolate

    Tuanis Chocolate was founded by friends Martin Rhyne and Jon Spurgeon in 2015. The two have frequented Costa Rica together and with friends for some 15 years, and in 2014, decided to look into bringing cacao back to the US. They realized that the quality of the cacao in Costa Rica was "too nice",... View Post
  • Coleen L

    Monica and Tom Rogan, owners of Goodnow Farms Chocolate making great chocolate in Sudbury, MA

    Monica and Tom Rogan first discovered craft chocolate in, of all places, a vintage furniture store in Los Angeles. The incredible flavors they tasted in those bars completely changed the way they thought about chocolate, and that started them on their journey to becoming single origin chocolate m... View Post