• Fresco Chocolate's Journey For The Love Of Chocolate

    Raised in Southern California, Amy and Rob Anderson met as teenagers and dated on and off into their twenties, knowing that they wanted to spend their lives together. With careers in engineering and accounting, they were ready to start a life together.Fast forward to 2003 when their chocolate jou... View Post
  • How Family & Tradition Influence Hazel Hill Chocolate's Success

    Hazel Hill Chocolate is all about family and tradition.Nick Xidis and his wife Terry opened Hazel Hill Chocolate in 2005, based on Nick’s family history of chocolatier and confectionery work. Nick’s grandfather immigrated to the United States from Greece in 1914. After serving in World War I, the... View Post
  • Monsoon Chocolate: A Combination of Passion & Experience

    Monsoon Chocolate was born out of the passion and personal experience of founder Adam Scott Krantz.In 2013, Adam created one of the nation’s first dedicated craft chocolate departments at Time Market in Tucson, Arizona. Two years later, he curated the largest craft chocolate library in the world ... View Post
  • When Spinnaker Chocolate's Passion & Obsession Lead to a Mission

    Chris and Kelly Van Arsdale, brothers and co-founders of Spinnaker Chocolate, started crafting chocolate at home as a hobby. They were giving out chocolate bars to friends and family, and everyone would say: "Maybe you guys should be selling these."Many years and thousands of test batches later, ... View Post
  • Five People Behind 5 Mile Chocolate

    Your question, “What’s in my chocolate?” is the crux of who we are at 5 Mile Chocolate. The short answer is “cacao beans and organic sugar,” but you’re not really looking for the short answer, are you?With over a decade of experience in direct sourcing, coffee (as Oak Cliff Coffee), and the sweet... View Post
  • Travel as the Ultimate Discovery of CAR Artisan Chocolate

    Originally of Bosnian heritage, chocolate maker Haris Car spent 6 years working in the coffee industry for Philz Coffee, both in retail and wholesale. Having an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age, his time at Philz set the foundation for him to finally venture out on his own.In the summer o... View Post