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Discover new varieties of small batch, craft bean-to-bar chocolates. Each month we bring you a carefully-curated selections of single origin, dark chocolate bars. They arrive right on your doorstep, with no hidden shipping fees. 

Not only do you receive 4 hand made, dark chocolate bars monthly but Bon (Bon) Vivant and Coco'nnoisseur Club members also receive discounts to spend in our Chocolate Collection. You will also gain access to our exquisite Chocolate Collection. All Chocolate Collection orders ship with the next available monthly delivery.


The chocolates in your chocolate box do not contain any GMO ingredients (non-GMO), use only all-natural, vegan, fair trade products, and are soy free, gluten free, dairy free and tree-nut free. The chocolate makers use 5 ingredients or less to make their bars; namely cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar.

Learn about a whole new world of craftsmanship, while treating yourself!


Purchase Your Chocolate Box Subscription Now and your first chocolate box will be shipped out within the week, unless otherwise noted. You may cancel at anytime*



Membership Subscription Levels Sweet Devotee Bon (Bon) Vivant Coco'nnoisseur Gift Box

Office Box


Receive 4 chocolate bars every month. Pay on a month-to-month basis

Receive 4 chocolate bars every month for 3 months durations

Receive 4 chocolate bars every month for 6 months durations

One-time delivery of 4 chocolate bars

Receive 10 chocolate bars every month (variety). Pay on a month-to-month basis

Chocolate Collection Discount

5% discount

5% discount

10% discount

$20 gift card

5% discount


USA - Included

Canada - $18

USA - Included

Canada - $54 ($18 per box)

USA - Included

Canada - $108 ($18 per box)

USA - Included

Canada - $25

USA - Included

Canada - $25


Cancel at anytime*

Cancel at anytime*

Cancel at anytime*


Cancel at anytime*


$36 per month

$99 for 3 months

Pre-pay & save $9 from $108.

$198 for 6 months

Pre-pay & save $18 from $216.

$37.99 one-time

$79 per month

Payment Cycle/Auto Renewal

Monthly on the 4th

Every 3 months on the 4th

Every 6 months on the 4th


Monthly on the 4th

*Cancellation must occur before the next payment is charged. Once payment is charged and/or chocolates ship, orders may not be cancelled.

Summer Months
**Cococlectic does not ship during the summer months (July, August). The June shipment (right before Father's Day) is the last shipment before we close for the summer. We return to full production in September. The first box will be shipped out on the 3rd week of the month unless otherwise noted.

You can still subscribe to Cococlectic and purchase chocolate bars during the summer months but you will not receive your chocolates until October. You will not be charged during the summer months. Payments will be paused and prorated during the summer period.



Why Join

Variety - Explore a new world of  rare chocolates, straight from the makers themselves.

Personalized   Recommendations – We do the legwork and research, to help you discover new varieties.

Discovery - Learn about chocolate makers, the chocolate-making process, and the craftsmanship behind their creation.

Convenience - Delivered direct to your doorstep. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Health - Dark chocolates have been found to have many health benefits. We help you find delicious healthy snacks.

Support - The chocolate makers in our community are passionate about what they do. They want you to enjoy their chocolates, so show them some love too!


Have a question about Shipping, Payment or how this works? Read our FAQ Page for commonly asked questions!


Cococlectic Membership Subscription Levels