Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting

  • $ 62.00

What makes Cococlectic’s Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting different?

Cococlectic’s self-guided chocolate tasting allows you to conduct your very own tasting as if a host was present. You'll taste 4 different craft chocolate bars, learn how chocolate is made, discover how flavor is developed, as well as taste and discuss each bar's flavors and aromas. 

The chocolates we feature are made in the US by small-batch craft chocolate makers, vegan, non-GMO, fair-trade and ethically sourced. They also do not contain any soy, gluten, dairy or nut, but they may be produced in a facility that handles these ingredients. They are perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions (except for those who have a chocolate allergy!).

What is included in the Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit?

Each self-guided chocolate tasting kit includes:

  • 4 full-size chocolate bars (can accommodate 5-7 folks in each household)
  • A self-guided tasting sheet with instructions on how to taste chocolate
  • A set of tasting notes
  • A how-to taste guide 
  • A tasting sheet
  • Regular domestic shipping

How Much Does the Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit Cost?

$62 per person. Regular shipping within the US is included. 

Discounts are available for larger groups (100+). 

Additional Costs of Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit

Chocolate bars will melt if they are sent to cities with the weather warmer than 75°F, so if we ship to those cities, we will have to add ice packs in the packaging, and that would add additional cost to each chocolate box.

Add Ons - Ask us about adding wine, coffee, tea, chocolate truffles and more to the tasting kit. 

More Questions About Self-Guided Chocolate Tasting Kit?

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