Seahorse Chocolate


This Criollo/Trinatario blend is grown within the Kilombero region of Tanzania, where farmers practice organic farming by default and have done so for generations. The beans are fermented in banana leaf lined boxes for six days and then sun dried and rotated for seven. The Kokoa Kamili Cooperative is working hard to provide a living wage for farmers while improving the quality of beans through proper fermentation and drying.

Bean Origin: Tanzania , Kokoa Kamili Cooperative
Ingredients Used: 2 - Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar
Cacao Content: 70%
Organic: Direct trade, not certified organic
Cacao Variety:Criollo/Trinatario blend
Weight: 2.0 oz
Allergy Information: Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy free
Tasting Notes: Browned butter and dried fruits