Woodblock Chocolate

Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Our Madagascar chocolate is made from the first bean we really invested in. Bertil Akesson has developed his family's cocoa plantation, setting the bar high for fine cacao growers around the world. It might be the most popular single-origin bean in the craft chocolate world.

Bean Origin: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar


Ingredients: 2 -  Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar

Cocoa Content: 70%

Organic:  Yes

Weight: 0.88oz

Allergy Information: We do not put anything besides cacao and cane sugar through our machines. There is no soy or nut product in any of our products.

Tasting Notes: The cacao is dried hot and fast so a lot of the volatiles are sealed in the bean, giving it a citric dried fruit flavor that has become the taste of Madagascar chocolate. Raisins and dried cherries are identifiable flavors.