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Pisa, Haiti 79%

A big bean with even bigger plans, PISA’s flavor profile is a perfect storm of chocolate, caramelized sugars, and juicy dark berries. It is a cacao that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of chocolate enthusiasts, making it a delicious scalable bean for growing chocolate makers. Customers who normally shy away from fruity cacao will enjoy notes of blueberry without being affronted by a harsh acidity, while customers who usually prefer fruity cacao will find an appreciation for what caramel and chocolate flavors can do to accentuate fruity notes in a well balanced bar.  Bringing an accessible and bold flavor to the cacao world isn’t the only thing Produits Des Iles SA (PISA) is doing. PISA launched their centralized processing facility in 2014, which was a revolutionary change for the way the cacao industry worked in Haiti, offering the first high quality Haitian cacao to the US market. Through private sector innovation, PISA partnered with farmers to give them what they really needed: pricing transparency, a consistent market, and an elimination of risk. Today, PISA still provides smallholder farmers access to the specialty cacao market by purchasing wet cacao, centrally fermenting it, and selling it at a higher price for its higher quality. PISA is poised to bring affordable organic beans to the craft chocolate market with an approachable flavor profile of classic chocolate, blueberries, caramel, and vanilla. We partner with PISA to support systems change and reduce structural inequities in Haiti, while acknowledging that the end goal for economic justice has yet to be met and will require long-term partnership across the chocolate value chain.

Harvest Year:
Bean Origin: Pisa, Haiti
Ingredients Used: 4 - Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Sea Salt
Organic: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Roast Profile: Medium Roast 
Conche Time: 72+ hours
Cocoa Content: 
Cacao Variety:
Weight: 1.76 oz
Allergy Information: Made in a facility that processes nuts, dairy & gluten
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Hazelnut, Vanilla

Pairing Suggestions: Roasted Nuts