5 Mile Chocolate

Monte Grande, Guatemala

Originally established in 1848 as a cattle, rubber, and palm oil farm, this farm was purchased by the Conde family in 1867 with 6 gold coins. While it has stayed in the family ever since, only recently have their trees been revived to produce a cacao with bright fruitiness.

Bean Origin: Monte Grande, Guatemala
Harvest Year: 2018
Ingredients Used: 2 - Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar
Organic: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Conche Time: 100 hours
Roast Profile: 275F
Cocoa Content: 75%
Cacao Variety: Trinitario
Weight: 2 oz
Allergen Information: Produced in a facility where pecans, pistachios, almonds, eggs, milk, corn, wheat, coconut are used. None used in the chocolate.
Tasting Notes: Plum, Pecan, Dark Brown Sugar
Pairing Suggestions: With sourdough, dipped in olive oil/balsamic vinegar, or with a stout