Taste Artisan Chocolate


Located in the Sambirano Valley, near Ambanja, in the North-West of Madagascar, Bertil Åkesson’s estate spreads over about 2000 ha. This cacao is known for it's bright citrus and red fruit notes.

Bean Origin: Madagascar
Harvest Year: 2018
Ingredients Used: 3 - Cacao Bean, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cane Sugar
Vegan: Yes
Conche Time:
6 hours
Roast Profile:
1 hour, Low Temp (~200C)
Cocoa Content: 
Cacao Variety: Trinitario
Weight: 3 oz
Allergy Information: All bars are processed in a factory that handles nuts and dairy.
Tasting Notes:
Red Fruit Notes (strawberry, raspberry), Orange Zest
Pairing Suggestions: Baguette, pistachios, balsamic vinegar, blue cheese, mint, rosemary, marzipan, Cabernet, Reisling, strawberry tea