Acalli Chocolate

El Platanal 70%

Chulucanas is a name chocolate lovers should familiarize themselves with, as it is rapidly emerging as one of Peru’s pre-eminent cacao-producing regions. Acalli Chocolates sources the cacao for this chocolate from the community of El Platanal, which is nestled in a dramatic river valley on the arid western slopes of the Andes. With a reliable supply of water and a more humid micro-climate created by the steep valley walls, cacao thrives in this unlikely landscape.

The El Platanal co-operative counted 54 socios at the time of Acalli’s visit in 2014, of which, 14 were women. Most producers here are first-generation cacao farmers, which makes the quality of their cacao that much more remarkable.

El Platanal markets its cacao through the Norandino co-operative, a second-tier organization based in the city of Piura that handles export, oversees quality control, and offers technical assistance on all aspects – ranging from agronomy to fermentation.

Bean Origin: Community of El Platanal, Chulucanas District, Peru. Norandino Cooperative.
Ingredients Used: 2 - Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar
Organic: Yes
Cocoa Content: 70%
Cacao Variety: Unclassified, likely a mix of Nacional, Marañon, and upper Amazon varieties. White bean content between 40-60% in most pods.
Weight: 1.75 oz 
Allergy Information: Produced on equipment that also processes milk
Tasting Notes: Plum and tangerine, bright juicy acidity, subtle and subdued chocolate flavor.