Dark Forest Chocolate

Dark Ecuadorian 70%

After a long search we now make our 70% Dark Ecuadorian with cacao from Camino Verde in Duran, Ecuador. Owner, Vicente Norero, has years of experience in microbiology, which brings a unique approach to cocoa processing. With Vicente’s deep understanding of fermentation methods he produces a variety of flavor profiles, using enzymes and inoculants to push specific flavor precursors forward in the beans. This particular chocolate is made from their Guayas microlot. Like many of the famed Ariba Nacional cacao varieties in Ecuador, this type has a low cocoa butter content and a hearty, deep cocoa flavor but with notes of sweet marshmallow and grilled pineapple/peach.

Bean Origin: Camino Verde, Guayas
Ingredients Used: 3 - Cacao, Cocoa Butter, Organic Cane Sugar
Organic: No
Cocoa Content: 70%
Cacao Variety: Neo-Nacional 
Weight: 2.3oz
Allergy Information: Made in a 100% nut and soy free facility
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, marshmallow, smoky peach/pineapple