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Porcelana 75%

A co-op of farmers work together in the Morropón Region of Peru to harvest this complex and rare cacao. Porcelana cacao is named as such for the bright white color of the fresh pulp and seeds.

Bean Origin: Morropón Region, Peru
Harvest Year: 2017
Ingredients Used: 3 - Cacao Bean, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cane Sugar
Vegan: Yes
Conche Time:
6 hours
Roast Profile:
1.5 hours, Low Temp (~200C)
Cocoa Content: 
Cacao Variety: Piura Porcelana (Criollo)
Weight: 3 oz
Allergy Information: All bars are processed in a factory that handles nuts and dairy.
Tasting Notes:
Concord Grape, Honey, Vanilla, Citrus, Toast
Pairing Suggestions: Oranges, roasted almonds, shortbread, Cabernet, brie, port salut, toasted bread with salted butter and tart jam