Woodblock Chocolate

Cajamarca, Peru


Riding a motorcycle through the jungles of Southern Cajamarca, Peru, with a brass knuckle dagger in one hand and a pocket full of cash on the other to pay the cocoa farmers is about as direct trade as you can get. It is no picnic getting beans from remote canyons that feed the Amazon but we did!

The terroir represented is that of a secluded canyon where the Pure National variety grows at a higher altitude than cacao is supposed to grow. The years of undisturbed, undiluted agriculture has manifested itself in a cacao that has a unique flavor profile and a silky texture that is about as good as it gets.

Bean Origin: Cajamarca, Peru

Ingredients: 2 -  Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar

Cocoa Content: 70%

Organic:  Yes

Weight: 0.88oz

Allergy Information: We do not put anything besides cacao and cane sugar through our machines. There is no soy or nut product in any of our products.

Tasting Notes: The toasty caramel notes on the front end brighten up the darkest of days while the soft tannins offered by the white beans found in the pods, gently reign in the flavors with the loving authority of a mama goose. This is not a wild free-for-all explosion of flavor but a sophisticated, humorous assemblage of light, dancing acids, vanilla and caramel.