Acalli Chocolate

Barataria Blend 81%

The Barataria Blend is named for a wetland preserve near Acalli's workshop, on the west bank of the Mississippi River just south of New Orleans. Barataria Bay was a haven for pirates and smugglers in Louisiana's early days, and these days, it's a microcosm of the beautiful and vanishing Louisiana coast – a tangle of cypress swamp, palmetto swamp, and flooded savannas cross-cut by old canals.

This chocolate blend is a tribute to the place Acalli calls home, made with raw Louisiana cane sugar from Three Brothers Farm, just upriver in Lafayette Parish. The flavors are deep and dark (very dark!), but crackling with life, just like Barataria itself.

Bean Origin: Community of El Platanal (Chulucanas District) and communities of Uña de Gato, Papayal, Cuchareta, La Palma, Casa Blanqueada, and Pampas de Hospital (Tumbes region), Peru. Norandino Cooperative.
Ingredients Used: 2 - Organic Cacao, Louisiana Cane Sugar
Organic: No
Cocoa Content: 81%
Cacao Variety: Unclassified, likely a mix of Nacional, Marañon, and upper Amazon varieties.
Weight: 1 oz (x 2 bars)
Allergy Information: Produced on equipment that also processes milk
Tasting Notes: Molasses, intensely fudgy.