Loon Chocolate

70% Bolivian, Alto Beni

Alto Beni Cacao works and pays for the organic certification of about 125 cacao-producing families in the Alto Beni region (Tucupi, Alto Remolino, Popoy, etc.). We also have a 10 Ha. parcel in Buena Vista (On the paved road from Sapecho to Yucumo) where our modern, centralized fermentation plant is located with 4 Ha. of planted cacao trees. These extremely rare, Heirloom (Silvestre, Wild, Boliviano) cacao beans are purchased unprocessed (in baba) by the ABC team near our plant in the Alto Beni region.  Hybrid cacao beans have about 55% cacao butter, while our Heirloom Beniano beans have 65%, which means higher percentage chocolate on the bar without additional cacao butter.  This is a Heirloom variety that has been recognized at Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) competitions.

Bean Origin: Alto Beni, Bolivia
Ingredients Used: 3 - Cacao Bean, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter 
Organic: Yes 
Vegan: Yes
Roast Profile: About 225F, 33 mins
Conche Time: 72 hours in 100lb batches
Cocoa Content: 70%
Cacao Variety
Weight: 2.4 oz
Allergen Information: Processed in a factory that also processes nuts and dairy
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, fresh citrus, and aged fruit flavors