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Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker: Sol Cacao

Chocolate Maker Location: Harlem, New York
Website: Sol Cacao
Date Established: February 2014
Ingredients Used: 2 - Organic Cacao Beans & Organic Sugar
Organic: Yes
Allergy Information: Machines only used for chocolate. Free of soy, dairy, gluten and nuts


About the Chocolate Maker: 

The Maloney brothers were born on the beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up, they were surrounded by cacao trees and enjoyed eating chocolate made from the beans. Of course, the strong passion for chocolate came along with them to New York City. It was in New York where they realized that the most popular chocolate products did not have the same distinct taste as those found in their country of birth.

Their early childhood was filled with animals and fruit trees which instilled in them a love for the sciences. Dominic majored in biotechnology and is Sol Cacao's head chocolate maker as well as one of its quality assurance testers, while Nicholas is a registered nurse who uses his background to research the nutritional and health benefits of chocolate. A licensed electrical engineer, Daniel is in charge of Sol Cacao's supply chain design.

The Maloney brothers decided to take on the task of learning about cacao strains, bio-dynamic farming and different fermentation process. After traveling back to their roots in Trinidad and Tobago, they realized that they needed to combine their love for Trinidad and Tobago and New York City, which is reflected in their product. The Maloney brothers want to conserve the culture of producing fine chocolate and growing fine cacao. Sol Cacao pays close attention to its roasting and grinding process to highlight the terroir of the cacao. The Maloney brothers aim to share their childhood experience and an affordable luxury crafted in Harlem, NY, with their customers.