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Pitch Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Maker Location: Portland, Oregon
Website: Pitch Dark Chocolate
Date Established: January 2014
Ingredients Used: 3 - Cacao Beans, Cocoa Butter, Sugar
Organic: No
Allergy Information: Chocolate produced in a facility that processes nuts and dairy.

About the Chocolate Maker:

Pitch Dark Chocolate is a fine cacao-focused chocolate company based in Portland, OR. Its approach from the beginning has always been to elevate the perception of craft chocolate. It has moved away from simplistic methods of manufacturing to those which provide more control over how they shape the inherent flavor profiles in the cacao they source.


Since Pitch Dark Chocolate’s inception, it has focused on connecting more with its cacao suppliers. Its founder Brian Flick lived with cacao farmers in rural Fiji for 3 months while conducting fieldwork for his thesis. And it was upon his return to Portland and after reflecting on over 10 years in the pastry industry that he decided to venture out on his own, and pursue his passion for high quality traceable chocolate. Pitch Dark continues to source cacao from Namau, Fiji, where Brian spent his time, as well as Madagascar, Ecuador and Nicaragua.


Pitch Dark Chocolate continues to hone its craft by working with suppliers to better understand fermentation and how it effects flavor development, even within a single varietal. Its motto is “Modern American Chocolate” and it is through its efforts of sourcing, sustainability, traceability, and dedication to elevating what chocolate can be, that it aims to stay true to its motto.