Mutari Chocolate

Madagascar, Ambanja 68%

The credit has to go to the grower of this cacao plantation. Bertil Akesson’s family has been growing cacao since the 1920’s when Bertil’s father settled in Madagascar after traveling the world and starting a trading company.


The terroir, careful and consistent processing techniques and criollo genetics of this cacao in the northwest sector of Madagascar lends to its incredibly red berry forward with a green fruit back flavor profile. This bar is like eating chocolate covered in raspberries without any actual raspberries.


Bean Origin: Madagascar, Akesson Estate, Sambriano Valley
Ingredients Used: 3 – Cocoa beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter
Organic: Not a certified organic chocolate bar but all ingredients used are certified organic
Cocoa Content: 68%
Cacao Variety: Criollo/Trinitario
Weight: 1.74oz
Allergy Information: Possible traces of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat
Tasting Notes: Red berries, Citrus, Green fruit