French Broad Chocolates

81% Palo Blanco Community Chulucanas

When we toured Peruvian cacao farms in 2011, we were very impressed with the operation of Juan de La Cruz, from the village of Palo Blanco. When we ordered Chulucanas, we specifically requested beans from the collection center in Palo Blanco. It’s an oasis of very special cacao trees in the coastal desert of Piura, Peru. This chocolate is made with an unrefined, dark brown sugar that we imported directly from a cooperative in Peru. In other words, the “single origin” designation not only refers to the cacao, but the sugar as well! It tastes sweeter than its cacao mass would indicate, and has notes of cocoa and mushrooms, particularly truffles.

Bean Origin: Chulucanas, Peru
Ingredients: Organic cacao, Organic panela (an unrefined Peruvian brown sugar)
Cocoa Content: 81%
Organic: Yes 
Kosher: No 
Weight: 2.14 oz 
Allergy Information: Chocolates are made in a facility that handles tree nuts, gluten, milk, corn, & peanuts, but not soy.
Tasting Notes: Bold cocoa, Molasses, Long finish, Sandy texture