Tabal Chocolate: Result of Dan Bieser's love for chocolate

Tabal Chocolate: Result of Dan Bieser's love for chocolate

A lifelong chocolate lover, Dan Bieser set out to create the best chocolate imaginable from bean to bar. Using the highest quality ingredients he took over the kitchen and garage of his house. Soon he was asking friends and family to taste different varieties. The reactions were great and lead to engaging conversations long into the night covering topics from chocolate to family, to old childhood memories. It was in those conversations that the idea for Tabal Chocolate began to take root.

In 2012, Dan took the next step by forming Tabal Chocolate moving production into facilities at 33rd & Lisbon in Milwaukee. They are committed to working with women owned cacao farms and actively search for those suppliers.

In early 2017, it had become evident that the demand for their high quality bean to bar chocolate required a new expanded manufacturing facility and the decision was made to move to the Wauwatosa Village, WI. In summer 2017, they officially opened the new Tabal Chocolate shop, café, and educational center, offering classes, tastings and increased production capacity.  

Tabal chocolate is made by hand sorting single origin organic cacao beans from 8+ different countries, roasting them, and cracking and winnowing the beans in a custom made machine. The resulting nibs are then stone ground for 3-4 days, tempered and poured into molds. They do not blend any of our cacao origins and only offer single estate or Co-op chocolate.

Organic cacao beans are carefully roasted to preserve their flavor, then stone ground using a traditional Mexican Molino. The finest organic ingredients (sugar, vanilla, cacao butter) are added to create small batches of chocolate that maintain nutrient value and assure the highest quality.

Tabal Chocolate trades directly with farmers in Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, and others to find the most flavorful organic beans on the planet.

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