Now Launching Cococlectic!

Now Launching Cococlectic!

It’s been a crazy 2 months getting Cococlectic Club launched and we're so excited that it’s finally official! 

Thank you to all the great supporters of this project and also to the chocolate community. We’ve been in touch with many craft bean-to-bar chocolate makers and everyone has been so amazingly supportive. And extremely refreshing! We love the community we’re building. 

We can’t tell you how much we love tasting varieties of single origin dark chocolate bars. Getting a box in the mail is probably the highlight of my evening. We definitely take our time admiring the packaging and slowly opening it, keeping everything intact. We examine how the chocolate breaks – snapping cleanly. We love melting it in our mouth (not chewing) slowly savoring the flavors the bean brings out.

Our hat goes off to those chocolate makers who put in so much hard work producing such amazing products. Keep ‘em coming! For this is our simple pleasure in life – craft bean-to-bar chocolates. 


For the love of chocolates,


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