Flavorful Chocolate Bars by DAR Chocolate

Flavorful Chocolate Bars by DAR Chocolate

Husband-and-wife team Joel and Gila Dar of DAR Chocolate create chocolate bars that highlight the true and surprising flavors of cacao. Their aim is to keep their recipes simple, clean and healthy, with a range of surprising flavored bars. They both work in their commercial kitchen, making chocolate and creating new recipes. As of late, Gila handles more of the sales and marketing, while Joel takes care of production. The brand's name originates from Joel's last name which has Yemen origins: Dar in Arabic means "house"; in Hebrew, it means "to live"; in Polish, it means "gift"; and in Spanish, it means "to give".

After leaving their country of origin (Israel), Joel and Gila were swept into an unexpected turn of events which led them to Costa Rica, where they lived and learned chocolate for 1.5 years. Introduced to the cacao fruit for the first time, they were fascinated with the ancient and mysterious bean. It opened the door for them to embark on a new passion and work. They moved to Denver in the spring of 2016 and started DAR Chocolate.

making chocolate in a commercial kitchen

Joel, formerly a film producer, and Gila, a visual artist and movement geek, merged their talents to create a full chocolate experience and love to explore chocolate's culinary potential. At their chocolate events, they offer pure chocolate treats such as savory spreads, exotic chocolate drinks and a 2-ingredient vegan mousse. To them, "chocolate, with the right ingredients, can be a guilt-free pleasure".

The cacao beans they use are ethically traded and organically grown. They source their beans from 2 fair-trade, sustainability conscious cacao importers: Meridien and Uncommon Cacao. After performing a cutting test to discern fermentation quality, they sort, roast, winnow, grind, conch, temper and pack the chocolate. To them, it was the cacao beans that chose them, not the other way around because the artistry of making chocolate from the bean felt like a natural continuation to their previous careers in visual art.

DAR Chocolate's packaging features the amazing BloomArt (a term coined by the couple). These are evocative, natural images that appear on the surface of their untempered chocolate blocks. Using close-up photography, the images are incorporated into the DAR Chocolate packaging.

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