Hazel Hill Chocolate

Mayan Mountain 75%

Crafted from cacao produced by the 420+ certified organic smallholder cacao farming families in the Toledo and South Stann Creek Districts. Most of these farmers are Q’eqchi’ and Mopan Maya and who have been producing cacao for generations. Mayan Mountain centrally  processes all cacao at a post-harvest facility where three unique stages of sun drying create optimal flavor.

Awards: 2019 International Chocolate Awards/Americas Bronze
Bean Origin: Mayan Mountain Cacao, Toledo and South Stann Creek Districts, Belize
Harvest Year: 2019
Ingredients Used: 2 - Roasted Cacao, Organic Sugar
Organic: Not Certified Organic
Vegan: Yes
Roast Profile: Slow Light
Conche Time: 2.5 days
Cocoa Content: 75%
Cacao Variety: Amelonado-dominant hybrids and other Upper Amazon Forastero hybrid
Weight: 2.25oz
Allergen Information: Processed in an allergen free facility.
Tasting Notes: At 75% cacao the flavors are bold but approachable due to this origin’s natural sweetness. There’s a lot going on with this chocolate, this initial flavors of honey, peach and even some citrus melt into nutty bitterness. This finish is clean with mild astringency and lingering notes of strawberry
Pairing Suggestions: Rosa Regale Sparkling Red