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Uganda Bundibugyo

Bundibugyo – a region in Uganda nestled between the Congo border along the Lamia river and the northern reaches of the formidable Rwenzori Mountains produces what Odyssey considers the best in traditional forastero. Bundibugyo is exported by Esco Uganda a company that has played a vital role in developing the Ugandan cacao industry by providing continued support and resources to its growing farmer base and has given back to the community at large through social efforts including promoting education through building out a Library. We love this origin for its familiar chocolate flavor. It’s very low on acidity and has a similar flavor to the foresteros of western Africa however it is smooth and flawless, no doubt due to the love and care that goes into the farming of this organic craft chocolate origin.

Bean Origin: Uganda Bundibugyo
Ingredients Used: 2 - Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar
Organic: Yes

Vegan: Yes
Roast Profile: Medium plus roast for 20-25 minutes
Conche Time: Three day grind + conch (25lb batch in melangeur)
Cocoa Content: 70%
Cacao Variety: Organic Forastero
Weight: 2oz
Allergen Information: Made on equipment that also processes nuts in a facility where wheat and soy are present
Tasting Notes: Deep, earthy and robust with a strong chocolate core – creamy with just a touch of fruit

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