Cococlectic: A Craft Bean-to-Bar Club

Experience American-made small-batch
craft bean-to-bar chocolate, made
with cacao bean, sugar & cocoa butter

Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker: Just Good Chocolate

Chocolate Maker Location: Leelanau County, Michigan
Website: Just Good Chocolate
Date Established: 2011
Organic: Yes
Ingredients Used: 2 - Organic Cocoa Beans and Organic Sugar
Allergy Information: Only cocoa beans and sugar go through our processing equipment. However, we do use wheat flour in our facility to make our brownie mixes.

About the Chocolate Maker: 

Just Good Chocolate is a small business with big ideas. Owners Drew and Nichole Warner believe in the ideals of social justice and environmental sustainability. They believe that doing business and doing good don't have to be two separate things. They also believe that their ridiculously high standards for quality ingredients result in ridiculously good products. Their passion for making chocolate is guided by these two words: JUST (guided by truth, reason, justice and fairness, and done or made according to principle; equitable; proper) and GOOD (of high quality; excellent, kind, beneficent or friendly, honorable or worthy and healthful, beneficial)

From bean to bar, from roasting to wrapping, every batch of Just Good Chocolate is a true labor of love. "Starting with the world's finest ethically-traded and organic cocoa beans and sugar, Nichole, the chocolate maker, enjoys working to not only bring out the unique flavors in each bean but to create a silky mouthfeel without adding any extra emulsifiers. As a chocolate maker, she wants to ensure the entire experience – from unwrapping the bar to the last lingering flavor on your tongue – is special. Not only to taste the quality but the care that went into every step – from the farmers who lovingly grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cacao all the way to the beautiful hand-wrapped bars.

Nichole’s greatest joy is to watch someone's eyes roll back in pure joy as they taste her chocolate. After all, that is the ultimate good – to bring joy to others.